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Bunny Haven Hotel is a secure, insulated lodge in an enclosed garden.

Hutches & Runs


24 single level purpose built hutches.

Including double extender hutch which can be extended length way to double the size for large groups or larger rabbits. This space can also be separated with a mesh divider so that unbonded or unneutered rabbits from the same household can see one another but whom are not suitable to share a hutch space.

Runs are approx 20 sq foot and are on paved area.

Accommodation & Exercise

Bespoke hutches
Inside Bunny Haven Hotel
Bunny Haven Hotel exercise area
Hutch set up
2 bunnies enjoying their holiday
Bunny Haven Hotel exercise area2
Size of double extender hutch

Double extender hutch for larger groups

Double extender with divider

Great for unbonded pairs from the same household

Double extender hutch with divider to pets can still see one another
Rabbits in the run

Rabbits in the run

Rabbits exercise outside in enclosed runs on a paved area
Rabbits will stay with their companion when playing outside
Guinea pigs exercise in enclosed runs on the grass
Hamster cage provided
extra hamster cage provided
Hamster accessories

The accommodation consists of purpose built bespoke hutches. The hutches can be extended length ways to accommodate large groups or larger breeds, subject to availability.

An air conditioning unit is a new addition from Spring 2023 for use in heat waves. A heater is available for extreme cold periods. The building is not temperature controlled, as it is temperate year round, but provisions are in place for extreme temperatures.

Bunny Haven Hotel caters for various sizes and breed (with a limit of 3.5kg for rabbits/ French Lop size) of guest and for multiple occupants which are booked in to share 1 hutch space. We are supporters of the RWAF and their moto  that 'a hutch is not enough', therefore we have designed large hutches and provide a separate exercise area outside in runs.

Hutches have a cubby hole filled with straw for sleeping, a larger area for relaxing, timothy hay, a food bowl, water bottle or bowl, a litter tray with saw dust, will be mucked out every day or two with vet grade disinfectant. As a means of infection control, all of the inbuilt hutches are coated internally with a tough water resistant resin so that they can remain hygienic and be wiped clean.

Guests will have access to daily exercise. Rabbit runs are on a paved area to avoid digging, and Guinea pig runs are on the lawn.

Guests will not be allowed to integrate with each other but might see one another.

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