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Our pets; Misty Moon & Marley who came via two rescue centres.
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Rabbits are so much a part of our family,

they  featured in our wedding photos!

Bunny Haven Hotel is owned and run by Kirsty and Adam, who have 2 house rabbits and have had rabbits as pets since childhood.


The hotel premises has been purpose built and is designed with in-depth knowledge, lifelong experience and consideration of rabbits behaviour and needs.


We are members of the RWAF Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund and aim to be up to date on rabbit welfare issues. Bunny Haven Hotel has insurance to cover the facility needs and Kirsty has enhanced DBS clearance.

We are pleased to have been interviewed for a full page feature, on topic of importance of rabbit companionship and bonding  in 'Discover Hertfordshire' magazine, July 2020, 

Our aim is to not just to meet the basic needs of the animals in our care, but to treat them inline with their individual quirks and requirements, (See Testimonials and Gallery for photos).

As lifelong owners of various rabbit breeds, we understand that rabbits are intelligent, complex and sensitive. They create strong and special bonds with their human companions.

For a video tour filmed in May 2021 please follow this Facebook link

(Please note greens are chargeable & bonding service no longer available)

We know how difficult it is to find someone who you feel you can trust to provide a comforting homely stay for you pet, so all clients are welcome to visit Bunny Haven Hotel before booking.

Please drop us a line with your enquiries and follow us on Facebook & Instagram

07505 99 33 13

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