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Boarding Fees, Terms and Conditions,Pets Health

& other services

Copyright notice: All the content, wording, terms, conditions, policies, photos, within this website of, and subsequent booking form, is the personal creation of Kirsty Merison and is Kirsty Merison's intellectual property. Any plagiarism of this website constitutes intellectual/ copyright theft and will be subject to legal action.

Bookings can be made by contacting us.

Phone on 07505 993313.

Email to

Website 'contact us' section.

Opening times

Check-in / check-out are by appointment only, 15 mins slot, and vary between term time and school holidays. Below are the opening times. We are open at these specific times and not all day.

Term time

Mondays 4.30pm & 7pm

Tuesdays 5.30pm

Wednesdays CLOSED

Thursdays 9.15am & 5.30pm

Fridays 9.15am 

Saturdays 9am

Sundays 5.30pm

School holidays

Mondays 9.15am & 5.30pm

Tuesdays 9.15am & 5.30pm

Wednesdays CLOSED

Thursdays 9.15am & 5.30pm

Fridays 9.15am 

Saturdays 9am

Sundays 5.30pm


Single Rabbit / Guinea Pig / Tortoise
£11.50 per night
Bonded Pair of Rabbits / Guinea Pigs 
£17.00 per night (£8.50 each)
Trio of Rabbits in double length extender hutch
£25 per night (£8.33 each)
Trio of Guinea pigs in standard hutch
£18 (£6 each)
Hamster/ Bird/ Gerbils, others in small own cage
size/ requirement dependent, dimensions & photo needed
£7.50-£11 per night
Fresh veg kitty (optional)
50p per day
Bank/public holidays such as Good Friday, inc Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Xmas day, Boxing day, New Years day £5 surcharge per booking.
Clients are required to bring enough of the regular dried nugget food to last the duration & dried forage if required. We supply unlimited excellent quality Timothy Hay but fresh veg is 50p per day, payable in cash into a kitty for food shopping.
Claw Clipping
Claw Clipping is a service only available to guests whilst at the hotel.
£10.00 - Claw Clipping and gentle filing.

£20.00 - Rear end wash and dry, if pet is in an unclean condition.

We hope that guests arrive in a good, clean condition and must weigh under 3.5kg.
In an attempt to prevent ill - health, if a pet were to have a mucky bottom, constantly wet due to long fur, badly urine stained or long matted fur on their rear end, a gentle wash, dry and trim in that area would be needed. This is to avoid fly strike and urine scald.
Administering medication 
We are not qualified in animal medical care but may be able to cater for unwell pet’s needs. If your pet is unwell before their stay or has a long-term condition please inform us so that we can work with you to cater for their needs. Please note we may not be able to cater for their needs, so please be honest from the outset to make sure boarding with us is appropriate.
A fee of £5.00-£10.00 per day applies for administering medication, depending on frequency and complexity. 
Terms & Conditions / Booking information

Booking forms can be completed and submitted via email, hard copy or over the phone if you are not computer savvy. All fields on booking forms must be completed accurately and in full, prior to a booking being accepted. This must be done within 24 hours as spaces cannot be held without a booking form Client data is for Bunny Haven Hotel booking and business processing only and is never passed to a third party, apart to a vets. In the event that vet care is required, in order to authorise and access vet care for the clients pet, Bunny Haven Hotel will need to submit the booking form to a vet practice and quote client details to access the vet, hence why all clients and their pets will need to provide their residential address. This also provides assurance, safety and security to Bunny Haven Hotel and it's clients. The address must also correlate to a microchip (if in situ) and the address registered with the vets, in case vet care is required. Booking forms will accompany the pet to the vet practice as proof of authority to access care. Please also provide a reliable UK (local)  second/ emergency contact who can act as next-of-kin to a pet incase they need collecting or if owners are uncontactable.

We strongly advise that all pets are insured so that owners do not have financial constraints should a pet become poorly at any point in their life.  

Bookings are secured once a 50% deposit is paid. Lack of response or action for deposit requests will result in the space being released. We do not have the facility to send repeat requests and will assume the service is no longer required. By inquiring with us, you are aware that a deposit is needed to secure the space. 

The deposit is non-refundable within 6 weeks of the holiday commencement date. Cancellations before 6 weeks, will be subject to a deposit refund excluding a £20 deduction for admin fee.

If you reduce the duration of the holiday, the full fee of the pre-arranged dates will still be required upon arrival, as we would have held those dates for you.

If you need to change your holiday dates, we will do our best to accommodate your pet(s), but if we cannot, and, if the holiday is within 6 weeks, the deposit will not be refundable. In the sad event that your pet passes away, within 6 weeks before your holiday date, we will be unable to refund the deposit.

At the time when the booking is confirmed, we can arrange drop off and pick up times.
Check-in & check-out times, by appointment only, 15 mins slot.
A minimum of 3 nights booking is required off-peak.
Over peak seasons / school holidays, 7 night minimum booking is required.
(Shorter durations considered at our discretion).
For Christmas & New Year all pets must be checked-in by 23rd December and stay until 2nd January. For all bookings over the Christmas duration, full balances are due 2 weeks before. Missed payment will result in booking being cancelled.

Bunny Haven Hotel is part of a family home, so we kindly request only 1 person to attend per visit (unless accompanied by a child), we do not allow animal guests to be petted by visitors. 

New clients who have submitted a booking form, are welcome to visit inside the bunny hotel for a tour,

Although we work from home, we are not available to see clients outside of the general opening times.


Please come on time and let us know if you are delayed, so that we can rearrange check-in/ check-out. As we have to plan in advance to see clients around other commitments, delays are disruptive to other clients and our personal time. 15 minute grace given for lateness, additional £5 charged per 15 minutes, and no guarantee we will be available at a later time slot.


Should you be significantly delayed during your holiday and require additional nights for your pet’s stay, we will do our best to keep your pet with us and will charge the usual rate for extra night(s) stay. If we are unable to accommodate your pet longer than first agreed during busy periods, we may have to seek assistance from your emergency contact or arrange boarding elsewhere. Pets that remain uncollected and without any contact from the owner, will be subject to rehoming after 7 days and the client will be liable for all expenses involved.


Owners agree and understand that

 exercise time is not supervised.

Cancellation or time changes by Bunny Haven Hotel:
Clients are able to cancel their bookings and we understand that sometimes plans have to change, and therefore clients must also understand and accept that the business is run by one person and the aim is to fulfill every booking and appointment time. Given the nature of the business without additional staff, on the very rare occasion due to illness, unforeseen emergencies or other unforeseen occurrence, we may have to close, amend or cancel bookings. Bookings made far in advance before our annual leave is scheduled in, may have to be cancelled. We will always aim to give plenty of notice and assist to find alternative boarding. If we have to cancel, full refunds of any payment made will be processed. 
We have opening times, but pre-arrangements may already be in the diary and are not published, meaning we may not be available every single day at the usual opening times. 
Contact with us during the pets stay:
It is best to reach us via WhattsApp messages during the working day only and not at night. Once pets are settled in, we get the best chance to send a few photos.
With the rise of social media, we have experienced excessive contact from some clients for constant pet updates and videos. We are caring for lots of animals, have other duties and many clients on our books, so we are not a 24 hour hotline to pets. Persistent/ excessive requests cannot be fulfilled. During peak times we are very busy looking after pets and seeing clients, so cannot commit to multiple photos, but are usually very good to reply to messages and update as much as we can. Please respect normal working hours and our rest time, like any business. 
Rest assured, if we have any concerns or issues, we will let you know, so "no news is good news!".
COVID 19 policy April 2023:
If you or someone in your household/ travel group contracts covid19, and if this affects your travel or holiday plans, this will no longer form an exception for your booking, and the usual cancellation process is in effect. Most destinations are not testing for covid19 any more.
Pets Health & Welfare:
Vaccines, worming & preventatives
Bunny Haven Hotel requires that all rabbits are vaccinated against Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease and RHVD2. Proof will be required. We also advise on regular worming to protect against parasites such as e-cunniculi and regular flystrike prevention treatments.
On arrival at the Bunny Haven Hotel, all guests will be checked for good health. If your pet is unwell or has a long-term condition please inform us so that we can work with you to cater for their needs.
We cannot guarantee that we can cater for all conditions, so please be honest with us before your pet arrives, otherwise we may have to decline boarding. We reserve the right to decline entry if your pet appears, or is unwell, and no refund will be made, as we will have held these dates for you. We will advise that you seek vet treatment asap and are not responsible for any inconvenience caused to yourself or your pet holiday care, if we were not aware, and not in agreement of an illness beforehand. We cannot risk the health of other guests. 
Pets should be of a healthy weight and be able to mobilise properly and clean themselves. Pets weight must be not more than 3.5kg so they are suited to the accommodation and also not too heavy to lift.
 Gut stasis/ Fighting pets /Illness
We strongly advise that all pets are insured so that owners do not have financial constraints should a pet become poorly at any point in their life.  
Gut stasis policy
Rabbits can suffer with Gut Stasis (stop eating/ toileting). This can occur in any rabbit but more so with sensitive nature bunnies, rehomed pets with unknown history or those who have had it before, may be susceptible when transitioning to boarding. Undiagnosed tooth issues, illness or infections can also present as gut stasis, so the cause will need to be found and treated. Fortunately this rarely occurs at the hotel, but we ask owners to let us know about previous cases so we can keep a closer eye and are not responsible for an occurrence.
Gut stasis needs to be dealt with urgently. We will always attempt to contact owners if we have concerns, but if owners are not contactable and if the pets health is at risk, we will attempt to speak to the emergency contact/next of kin and veterinary help will be mobilised. Rabbits will have to be seen by a vet, likely receive a combination of gut stimulants, pain relief, hydration and shall need close monitoring and syringe feeding around every 2 hours until independent eating resumes. This is the job of a qualified vet/ vet nurse or a pets owner, and we do not and cannot facilitate syringe feeding, therefore all 'gut stasis' cases must either stay at the vets for medical boarding/ nursing, or be collected by the emergency contact or go home to the owners. 
Fighting pets/ behaviour
Even the most well bonded rabbits may start to mount one another, behave differently or fight when in boarding due to territorial/ hormonal instincts. This is more common in spring and in unneutered pets or juveniles. If a pet suffers an injury and blood is drawn, they will be separated for the rest of the holiday to prevent further injury, at the cost of the additional hutch space to owners - there will be no exceptions as this is for the further safety of the pets. Fur pulling, chasing and mounting can be normal acceptable behaviour and may not warrant separating unless aggression is seen. Any injuries will be discussed with owners and vet treatment may be needed. Broken bonds and the after effects are not our responsibility and cannot be predicted. It is compulsory to disclose issues with bonding/ behaviour at the time of booking for our knowledge and pet safety. All future bookings following unsafe behaviour will require separate hutch spaces, there will be no exceptions due to high risk of fighting reoccurance, even of rebonded once at home.
In the unlikely event that your pet becomes unwell, we will notify you immediately and will attempt to access your registered vet practice. Please provide your usual Vets details and a reliable UK second contact in case your pet needs to be collected or if you are uncontactable. We may seek care from a local visiting vet, Leyla Vet Visits (Lavanya Selvarajah BVSc, MRCVS) at approx £50 call out plus treatment, or a local vet practice such as Medivet Croxley if your practice too far away.
External visits to Vets incur a fee of £20 per hour based from leaving the hotel to returning.
A £5.00-£10.00 charge per day will arise for administering medication. We cannot nurse unwell pets or syringe feed around the clock.
If we are unable to care for your unwell pet, they will have to be returned to you, your emergency contact or to stay at the vets for medical boarding/nursing.
All costs incurred by a vet, to care for a pet, must be met by the owner. Some Vet's will insist that you send some funds to them before they allow us to take the pet for the appointment.
We accept no liability in the extremely unlikely event that your pet becomes ill or passes away. Should your pet pass away during their stay at Bunny Haven Hotel you will be contacted immediately.  For hygiene reasons and because we do not have facilities to preserve deceased pets,  they will need to be collected by owners/ emergency contacts within 24 hours or taken to a local vets for cold preservation.
Bunny Haven Hotel operates legally and is tax registered under UK law. The premises is covered by CCTV.
Bunny Haven Hotel reserves the right to decline a booking . We expect clients to behave in a polite and respectful manner, we will not tolerate any form of harassment, abuse, defamation or malicious publication.
Copyright notice: All the content, wording, terms, conditions, policies, photos, within this website of, and subsequent booking form, is the personal creation of Kirsty Merison and is Kirsty Merison's intellectual property. Any plagiarism of this website constitutes intellectual/ copyright theft and will be subject to legal action.
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